The time we spend together is a safe, boundaried space each week for you to explore the issues that are concerning you. I aim to provide an environment for therapy that is safe, accepting, and free of judgement.

Within that space, the work that we do will vary according to your needs. You may just want space to explore a particular issue that’s bothering you at the moment. Or you may have decided to spend a longer period of time exploring aspects of your self, or your past or present. It may be that there are aspects of how you relate to the world and those around you that are causing difficulties and you want to become more aware of patterns that are affecting this. It may even be that you don’t know what you want to talk about, just that you recognise a need to seek a space to process and explore.

My working style draws primarily upon Gestalt therapy, but I am alsto trained in Transactional Analysis, and Person-Centred approaches. I integrate these in my practice in a way that is responsive to each client’s individual needs. I take a relational approach to the work, meaning that I invite you to explore the way that we experience each other during our work together.

I work with people from various communities, experiencing all sorts of issues, including, for example, anxiety and depression, or relationship problems. However, rather than providing a shopping list of problems or difficulties, I think it’s more helpful for us to discuss what is important to you at an initial consultation.

I also work with clients who, like me, identify as queer or from the LGBTQI+ community. I believe this enhances my ability to work with experiences such as shame, discrimination, and othering, and to support clients who are from oppressed or minoritised groups or are otherwise living ‘against the grain’.

My own professional and academic experience provide a strong foundation for working with lawyers or those whose motivation for seeking therapy might relate to their membership of another profession.

I offer an initial consultation for us both to determine how well we will work together.

Our work together starts by you booking an initial consultation by emailing, or calling.